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Our Services

  • Project planning, including project delivery systems and contract management
  • Contract document preparation, review, negotiation
  • Contract bidding, award protests
  • Contract administration, change orders, application of contract provisions
  • Payment issues, including mechanics' and materialmen's liens and payment bonds
  • Defective design and construction
  • Warranty work and claims
  • Contract termination
  • Construction scheduling
  • Delay analysis
  • Damages determination and analysis
  • Damage to the work and personal injury on the project site
  • Indemnification
  • Mediation (as a party representative and as third-party neutral)
  • Arbitration (as a party representative and as third-party neutral)
  • Dispute review board (as a party representative and as DRB panel member)
  • Professional licensing
  • Litigation and appellate work
  • Construction and commercial arbitration and mediation services

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